Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour


Visit the Main Temple in Angkor Archaeological Park.

1 Angkor Wat Sunrise

2 Angkor Thom

3 Bayon Temple

4 Ta Prohm Temple

About this activity

Duration 1

Tour code #Explore 1

Location Siem Reap

1. 4:40 Am Meet our guide and driver at your hotel lobby and start the journy

- Buy the temple ticket 

- Enter to Agnkor Wat temple by the quiet back road for best spot for Sunrise. 

- Explore the main temple our guide will describe the history mytholoy and art 2h visit this biggest religion monument. 

- Breakfast 

2. Explore Angkor Thom the great city during Khmer Empire 802 AD - 1431 AD the living place of Khmer King Royal Family, Royal Army, Hindu Priest , Buddist Monk and High Class Peoples. 


3. Explore Bayon temple the smilling faces of Buddha represent of Great Khmer King Jayavarman 7. this temple will open your eyes to the civilization of Khmer empire. 


4. Ta Prohm Temple ( Tomb Raider Temple ) Famouse by big tree on the roof top it was built in 1186 AD dedicated to King Mother the khmer traditional to pay back our parents. 

It was filmed Tomb Raider in 2000 and realeas in 2001 that make tourism Bomb up in Siem Reap From 2002. 

Back to hotel End of the tour

95 USD 


- Official Tour Guide 

- Driver 

- First Aid 

- Snack and drink 


- Temple pass 37USD/Pax for 1 day pass, 62USD/Pax for 3 days pass

- Lunch

- Drink during Lunch

- Tip to Guide and Driver  



US$ 95.00

per person