Countryside cycling tour


Explore the daily life of Local Cambodian in Countyside their home, farm food and living condition. 

About this activity

Duration half Day tour

Tour code #CBT03

Location Siem Reap

- Cycling from hotel to south side of Siem Reap town to see the farmer.

- Visit the Buddhist temple and learn about belief of Khmer people.

- Cycling peaceful in green paddy field to see the daily life of local their home, herb garden, cattle and small market that very active in morning see our fresh food because 80% of Cambodian not yet have refrigerator at home need to go to market every day.

- Cycling to lotus farm near Tonle Sap Lake, Lotus is holy flower that Cambodian people worship to the god, eat grill dry snake with 1 can of Angkor Beer and enjoy taking the picture in farm with beautiful flower. 

Price include

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US$ 30.00

per person