Grand Tour Cycling Adventures


Cycling to Visit the main the temple at the grand tour in Angkor Archaeological park such As: Preah Khan, Neak Poan, Ta Som, East Mebon, Prerub, Royal Bath, and Bat Chum. 

About this activity

Duration 1

Tour code #CBT05

Location Siem Reap

This cycling route special design to avoid crowd specially chinses that their first time to travel a little bit noisy. 

- Cycling from hotel to temple ticket cycling throug the village and visit the the jungle temple Bat Chum.

- Continue to Srah Srong Roya Bath the King Swimming pool during Khmer empire.

- Cycling to Prerub temple brick temple from 10th century to see and learn about their archeticture art and history and some funny story also

Grand Tour Cycling Adventures

Grand Tour Cycling Adventures


US$ 45.00

per person